Wedge Wire / Heelguard Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Drain Cover Insert for Everhard EasyDRAIN Channel - 130mm


DrainTEK Wedge Wire / Heelguard Heavy Duty Driveway Drainage Grate Covers are manufactured in Australia and provide great quality and durability. Its heavy-duty rigid structure makes it perfect for driveways and pavements. This INSERT ONLY does not include tray/trough and outlets and simply fits into your existing tray/trough.

The quoted price is made up of:

• The base manufacturing charge of $34.95.
• A charge of $0.25 for each mm of length (Select the width and then enter the length where prompted below).

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Linear Wedge Wire Driveway Grate Insert Only - Heavy Duty

DrainTEK's custom made wedge wire outdoor grate INSERT ONLY are manufactured to order at any length. The quality is superior to most driveway grate products on the market and you will not find a better-priced custom length outdoor grate insert at this quality. It features a B125 (12.5 tonnes) load-bearing classification that can withstand the weight of family cars, vans, and 4x4s. The fine gaps, hidden welds, and B125 class load make it popular for high end drainage installations in patios, landscaping, driveways, pavements, and other areas that have light traffic.

Designed with slip-resistant dots on the surface, this heavy duty drainage grate insert ensures optimum safety outdoors and will provide a timeless look to any outdoor linear drainage.

Easily Upgrade your Existing Everhard EasyDRAIN Channel

Get the upgrade that you wanted for your drain channel without the big cost. The DrainTEK wedge wire grate INSERT ONLY perfectly fits your existing Everhard EasyDRAIN channel (available at all Bunnings stores). Replacing your existing plastic drain channel inserts with the DrainTEK wedge wire insert will not only make your drainage channel look more pleasing; it will also increase its durability over time.

Wedge wire inserts will be a maximum of 3000mm in length and your wedge wire insert will be cut into equal lengths so that you have a beautifully symmetrical grate insert. If you require length(s) greater than 3000mm, please note this in the special comments section and we will confirm the order specifications with you.

Highest Quality Linear Drains for Outdoor Landscaping

  • DURABLE - Full 316 low-carbon stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance - no plastic components
  • CUSTOM-MADE - Manufactured in Australia to any length according to your specifications
  • EASY UPGRADE - Wedge wire grate INSERT ONLY perfectly fits existing Everhard EasyDRAIN driveway grate trays
  • HIGH LOAD BEARING - Fully welded high load-bearing wedge wire insert (5mm wedge wires) with B125 class load that can withstand weight of up to 12.5 tonnes
  • SAFE - Heel Guard design as it is heel-friendly and comes with anti-slip technology for added safety
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Against manufacturing defects for peace of mind and quality assurance

Highest Specifications

  • Composition: Full 316L (low carbon) marine grade stainless steel
  • Weight Class: B125 (max. weight load of 12.5 tonnes)
  • Grate Insert: Fully welded. Heavy duty 5mm x 20mm side walls and 5mm wedge wires.
  • Support Bars: 15mm thick support bars positioned at every 33mm for superior strength and heavy duty load support
  • Grate Design: Wedgewire design. Also known as "Heel Guard" design as it is suitable for high heels
  • Joiner Plate and End Cap: Full 316L (low carbon) stainless steel
  • Fixing bolts: Full 316L (low carbon) stainless steel
  • No plastic components
  • Built with anti-slip dots on surface


heavy duty drain grate cover insert only B125

drainTEK Lifetime Warranty

Every drainTEK drain grate you purchase includes a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.  For details, read the warranty terms and conditions on the drainTEK Warranty Protection page.

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