Modular Pool Drainage

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Modular Pool Channel Drains - Strength with Style

Pool drains are essential for any type of pool.  When installing a modular pool, you’ll realise the importance of modular pool drainage.  Just like inground pools, above ground pools need proper drains. There should be one or more drains at the bottom of your pool, but there must also be drains that run parallel to the sides of your pool.  

DrainTek drain grates are perfect for these parallel drains.  Our drain grates are high quality 316 marine grade stainless steel, with 1.2mm thick trays.  These give DrainTek channel drains superior strength than can bear 5 tonnes maximum. The lifetime guarantee we offer against manufacturing defects is a testament to the durability of DrainTek grates.

Our modern modular pool drains will also upgrade your entire pool area.  DrainTek drain grates have a minimalist look that complements any style of above-ground pool.

DrainTek Pool Drains - Versatile and Practical

DrainTek’s indoor shower grates also make great modular pool drains, just as outdoor drainage grates are.  You can choose where to position the outlets and specify your outlet size, making these drain channels the versatile choice for all kinds of swimming pools.  

The V-profile of DrainTek drain grates is designed for efficient water drainage.  This makes it easier for parallel grating to catch overflow water that is then filtered back into the pool.  The drain grates alongside your pool also help to keep your pool clean by catching leaves and other unwanted debris.

As the pool drains catch water splashes and overflows, they help keep the deck dry.  This provides a safer pool area and helps avoid injury from slips.