Custom Shower Grate - Wedge Wire / Heel Guard Style 4mm Gaps - 85mm - Custom made to order

DrainTEK Product Code : CSG-IND-WW-085-2145

These custom-made wedge wire shower grates are manufactured by DrainTEK to order at any length. Prescribe the position of the outlet and choose its diameter  This is a fully Watermark-certified drain custom-made by DrainTEK in Melbourne from 316L stainless steel.


This is the best value for money custom wedge wire shower grate for this quality.  The quoted price is made up of:

  • The base manufacturing charge of $39.95
  • A charge of $0.19 for each mm of length (Select the width and then enter the length where prompted below)
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+ $0.19 per mm
$39.95 + $0.19 per mm
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Linear wedge wire shower grates - modern simplicity

DrainTEK's custom-made wedge wire shower grates are manufactured to order at any length. You can prescribe exactly where you wish to position the outlet and select the size of the outlet making it the versatile choice for any new build or renovation.  The quality is superior to most shower grate products on the market and you will not find a better-priced custom-made shower drain at this quality level. 

See the version with a tighter gap here.

If you require a corner piece (for the L shape configuration), please add your corner piece here.

Highest-quality linear drains for premium bathrooms

  • Full 316L (low carbon) marine-grade stainless steel
  • The tray is 1.2mm thick for superior strength
  • V profile drain tray for efficient water drainage
  • Fully welded high load-bearing wedge wire insert (3mm wedge wires and 3mm gaps)
  • Manufactured in Australia to any length with specified outlet position and size



Manufactured in Australia
Certification: Watermark licensed under WMTS-040 - Certificate 23396

Tray Specifications

  • Material: Full 316L (low carbon) stainless steel tray and outlet (1.2mm thick) in any length
  • External Width: 85mm
  • Total Height: 30mm
  • Tray shape: V profile with 30mm depth for efficient drainage
  • Outlet: Choice of 40mm or 50mm diameter outlet at any position
  • Tray finish: Electropolished brushed finish

Note: Tray lengths are typically available in up to 3000mm. Total drains ordered in excess of this will be supplied in multiple tray pieces which are easily joined with supplied joiner plates using a quality waterproof adhesive silicone
 (eg. Sikaflex)

Wedge Wire insert Specifications

  • Material: 316L (low carbon) stainless steel tray, no plastic components
  • Total width: 79mm
  • Side Bar dimensions: 3.0mm (w) x 20.0mm (h)
  • Wedge wire dimensions: 3.0mm (w) x 4.2mm (h)
  • Gaps: 4mm
  • Support bar dimensions: 3.0mm (w) x 6.0mm (h)
  • Pitch (distance between support bars): 40mm
  • Wedge wire top finish: Electropolished brushed finish
  • Wedge wire under-side finish: Sandblasted finish

Note: Inserts longer than 1500mm can often be too heavy to handle safely. Therefore lengths longer than this will typically be supplied in multiple equal lengths which will butt together for a seamless look. Contact us if you have a preference for longer inserts in your order


Lifetime Warranty

  • Lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects


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Typical Installation Steps

  1. Construct shower surround in accordance with structural requirements leaving a penetration for drainage.
  2. Add a suitable drainage flange and fasten/bond in place and cap during the building phase. DrainTEK recommends using a suitable puddle flange with an internal diameter large enough for the shower grate outlet to fit loosely within.
  3. Complete water-proofing in accordance with AS3740 with waterproofing turned down into the plumbed drain.
    Note: Do not integrate tray with the water-proofing as steel expands/contracts differently to other materials.
  4. Adjust the height of adjustable puddle flange (if installed) to suit desired shower grate height If your tray outlet is not attached, then adhere with a waterproof adhesive sealant prior to installation and ensure it is secure.
  5. Set tray at required height in mortar so the finished tiles will be just above the top edge of the grate tray.

Lifetime Warranty

All drainTEK linear channels and grates come with a Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects. Conditions may apply - see Renovator Store Warranty Terms and drainTEK Warranty Protection Page.

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